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SRS pars co.'s perspective:

Through the company's expansion and supply of newer products as well as varied services, SRS pars co. is gearing up to advance the title and ceramic industry of our country by taking strong steps, whatsoever small they might be.

About us

In corporate in march 2004T SRS PARS with the co-operation of Italian firms, started its activities and has addressed, up to this day, the requirements of tile and ceramic plans. By providing designs as well as engraved cylinders thanks to its modern equipment and highly experienced experts.

It was in 2006 that a fruitful joint venture with the Italian Hydra Co. took shape which resulted in the production of chemical ceramic additives such as printing oil for flat and rotary printing machines, body and glaze deflocculant and fixatives and has so far been constantly improving the quality of these products by further providing the customers with special purpose relief, production and third firing oils with premium quality.

In 2011 and in a bid to elevate its services to customers, SRS PARS Co. set up its first branch in Meybod Jahan Abad Industrial Zone in Yazd province, known as the birth place of tile and ceramic of Iran equipped with the world’s modern facilities.

In step with its forward movement, SRS PARS Co. also offers all the digital print related services such as design scan, profiling, all types of digital cleaning, digital machine original spare parts, etc.

In march 2014 and with the co-operation of the Italian INCO company, SRS PARS Co. set up its warehouse in Karaj (Eshtehard) and Yazd (Meybod) in order to supply inks for digital printing.

In less than a year, we also managed to offer digital ink filtering services for a superior quality.

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