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Our customer

Below you may find the list of some of tile factories and companies who have signed contracts with us:
Alvand tile ,Apadana Ceram ,Tabriz tile ,Keraben ,Marjan tile ,Khazar tile ,Semnan tile ,Ronas & Marlik tile ,Sina tile ,Rafsanjan Almas Kavir ,Yazd Kavir tile ,Aghigh tile ,Noavaran And ...



- Printing oil for rotary printing machines and oil for tintometric and flat printing machines.
- Printing oil for special effects including relief, protection, luster, etc.
- Printing oil for third firing.
- Slip,body and glaze deflocculants
- Fixative glue and CMC
- Anti-vaporizing liquid (to avoid damage caused vapors once glaze is applied on the head)

Cylinder engraving

- Astra print cylinders

Digital machine inks

- Inco inks


- Inco various inks

Other products

To learn more about our products and for more details, click here.

Printing blades

- Different printing blades in width 4 centimeters and thickness 15 and 20 microns with and without holes.

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